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We start with a man on the phone. He is walking through London on Westminster Bridge.

Man: No, just no! I'm not doing that!

The man looks up at Big Ben. It is striking 12:00.

Man: I need to take my medication!

The man gets a tube out of his pocket. He gets a tablet out and swallows it. It then goes to a woman at home, sitting at a kitchen table.

Woman: Hello? Max?

The screen divides in half: one half the woman, one half where Max was. There is another woman on the other half, standing near Max, who is lying on the ground dead.

Woman: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. He's....

Max's Wife: What?

Woman: Killed h.....

Max's Wife: Not possible!

Woman: ...Himself!

We are looking at a grave that says: "RIP Max Phillip Peterson. 21st January 1975-3rd December 2014." The camera goes out to see a few people by his grave, four women, four men and a vicar at a cemetry. The vicar is comforting Max's wife.

Max's Wife: It was unlike him! He loved everything in his life!

Vicar: When it's the end, some people change, mentally wise...

Max's wife slaps the vicar. Suddenly, three police cars turn up at the cemetry. A man comes out of one.

Man: Max Phillip Peterson. Chief of security at 57 department stores. Had 4 daughters, only 1 survives.

Max's Wife: Stay away from my husband, and my family and...

Man: Don't have much of one, do you? A daughter. Where did the others go?

Max's Wife: They're... D...

Man: Dead. Date?

Max's Wife: 3rd December 2009, 2011 and 2012. Mere children. Where's the other?

Max's Wife: At boarding school.

Man: Dartmoor Primary Prep? The one that started last term?

Max's Wife: How can you tell, Mr...

Man: Lestrade. I've got a friend. Well, not quite. Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker Street.

We then see someone in a black overcoat playing darts in his flat.

Man: Mrs. Hudson! MRS. HUDSON!!!!!

Voice: In a minute!

The man gets out a magazine. After a few seconds, he throws it down on the ground. He checks his watch.


A woman comes in with two men.

Woman: Sherlock, this is Dr. Watson.

Sherlock: Hello, Andy! Mrs. Hudson, there's someone outside, please let them in. And who are you.

Man: Watson. Dr. John Hamish Watson.

Sherlock runs up to Watson and shakes his hand.

Sherlock: Please to meet you, Watson.

Watson: It's John.

Sherlock: Watson. Watson's better. John's too... Normal.

Watson: OK.

Andy: So, John, this is the man I was telling you about.

Watson: Sorry, it's just that Andy thinks we should live here, together.

Sherlock: No, I need Mrs. Hudson! She makes coffee! Actually, Mrs. Hudson, could you make us some coffee now? Watson and Andy would both like white coffee with one sugar. I'll have black with ten. We've got no cake, Babca's on holiday, so she's got someone else, who can't make lemon and jam chocolate cake! A bit weird I know, but I like it!

Mrs. Hudson: How on earth do you know Babcas's on holiday? I saw her leaving when I was bringing these two in.

Sherlock: A bit like how I know when you visit your brother and you leave me with Mrs. Turner! She makes me have tea with that healthy milk! Disgusting! Anyway, I looked out of the window and I saw Babca's husband's jeep. He only uses the jeep when he's going away! Her daughter was loading it up with a suitcase with three black marks in the upper right hand corner. It had enough stuff in for three nights. They must have been going to Cornwall to see Babca's grandma at the nursing home in an emergency!

Andy: Anyway Sherlock, I thought maybe you and John could discuss business.

Watson: He means maybe we could maybe I could live on the second floor.

Suddenly, Lestrade bursts in.

Lestrade: Sherlock, we need you.

Sherlock: Nobody needs me.

Lestrade: 3rd of December, another death! At 12:00.

Sherlock: 3rd of December. 3rd of December, a death in London, at 12:00. For thirteen years.

Watson: People die every second. Of every minute of every day.

Lestrade: But this is a bit different.

Watson: How?

Lestrade: Suicides.

Sherlock: I keep telling you, it's murder!

Mrs. Hudson: Maybe Andy and I can go downstairs while you three discuss things.

Mrs. Hudson takes Andy by the arm and takes him outside. Andy mouths "Have fun!" before the door shuts.

Watson: Maybe I should...

Sherlock: Must have been Afghanistan.

Watson: What?

Sherlock: You're a soldier. Came home recently. One week today! Was almost shot in the leg but you ran away. Next boat to Ireland! However, came back to London Town!

Watson: Are you psychic?

Sherlock: No. I have a rare diagnosis... Nobody knows how to treat it. Which is good. Now life isn't full of shopping and tweeting more than thrice a day!

Lestrade: I wish we could have more time to talk Twitter, but I need Sherlock.

Watson: Shall I join Mrs. Hudson?

Sherlock: No. Watson, I like you. Lestrade, he's with us.

Lestrade: No, he's not!

Watson: No, I'm not.

Sherlock: Yes, you are!

Sherlock, Watson and Lestrade go outside to find it to be night time,and a brown car.

Sherlock: Seriously? The third new car since March!

Lestrade: Shut up.

Lestrade gets into the driver's seat of the car, while Sherlock and Watson get in the back. The car starts to drive.

Sherlock: So, Lestrade, what's the case this time?

Lestrade: Max Phillip Peterson, died 3rd December.

Sherlock: And you tell me ten days later! Why?

Lestrade: I was only told two hours ago. His wife didn't want a big thing. Only told her friends. However, Max's brother sent us a letter. He wants the case solved.

Sherlock: Number?

Lestrade: What?

Sherlock: His telephone number! I need to ring him.

Lestrade: Why?

Sherlock: I'm taking the case!

Watson: So, what's so special about these thirteen deaths?

Sherlock: Well, Lestrade and the police started investigating this eleven years ago. Three deaths, same time, all with a gun in his left hand.

Lestrade: Personally Sherlock, if you didn't persist, this case would have been filed and solved years back.

Sherlock: I'm telling you, it's murder!

Watson: Well, does anything else happen?

Lestrade: No.

The car stops and Lestrade, Sherlock and Watson get out. They are at the same cemetry as before. They go over to Max's grave.

Sherlock: Step aside, boys, let the master do his work!

Sherlock puts his ear to the grass. We can hear a drumming sound.

Sherlock: Can you hear that?

Watson: What?

Sherlock: A drumming sound.

Sherlock gets a trowel and starts digging up the grave.

Watson: You can't do that!

Sherlock: I can. I'm with a member of the police, that means I can!

Sherlock eventually digs it all up. He takes the gun from Max's left hand and aims at Watson. Watson puts his hands up. Sherlock laughs.

Watson: What's so funny?

Sherlock: It's not a gun! It's a bit of paper!

Sherlock rips off a bit of tinfoil for it to be revealed as a stick.

Sherlock: What's brown and sticky? A stick. Pathetic.

Watson: Why didn't they use a real gun?

Sherlock: A number of reasons, probably because that would have been too real. Also, look. No blood on his face.

Lestrade: It's impossible, he shot himself in the head.

Sherlock: No he didn't. No blood, no wound, someone placed the gun in his hand a few seconds before everyone noticed.

Lestrade: How?

Sherlock: Well, I don't have all the answers! Anyway, Watson, help me get this body out of the grave!

Watson: Oh, OK...

Sherlock takes Max's legs while Watson takes his top half. They accidentally drop the corpse on the ground on his tummy. Lestrade looks at his left hand. It has "DON'T" written on the back of his fingers.

Lestrade: It says "DON'T". On the back of his hand.

Sherlock: Of course! So it means...

Watson: What?

Sherlock: Last year, on the 2nd of December, I got a post-it-note from last year's person. Said exactly the same.

Watson: What do you think it means?

Sherlock: I'll tell you tomorrow. Good night.

Sherlock leaves. Watson tries to follow him down the street.

Watson: Sherlock?

Sherlock: Bye!

Watson's phone rings. He answers it. We can't see who he's speaking to.

Watson: Hello?

Voice: It hurts so bad...

Watson: What?

An umbrella goes round his neck. He wakes up in the back seat of a car. A woman is in the front.

Woman: So you've woken up at last! Mister will be pleased!

Watson: Who's Mister?

Woman: You need not know.

The car stops right outside an open church. The woman gets out, opens the back seat's car door and shoves him inside. Watson goes up the front to see a monk.

Watson: Hello?

Monk: I am Mister. You are Watson.

Watson: I know. What do you want me for?

Mister: I know Sherlock.

Watson: I don't. I don't even know his surname.

Mister: It's Holmes.

Watson: Who are you?

Mister: A friend. An enemy. Someone he knows well. Someone he hasn't met. I'm all of them.

Watson: You can't be!

Mister: I can.

Watson: What's your name?

Mister: I will tell when three times next we meet.

Watson: Can I go now please?

Mister: Of course.

Mister gets out a gun and shoots himself. He dies.

Watson: Oh my giddy aunt...

Watson goes outside to find the car gone. He starts walking home. We then see him a bit later in bed. His phone rings. He picks it up. The screen divides in half - one half Watson, one half the caller - Sherlock!

Sherlock: Hello, Watson? Would you mind coming over please?

Watson: It's 1:37 in the morning, Sherlock!

Sherlock: I know. I can't sleep. I keep thinking about this case!

Watson: I'll come over in the morning.

Sherlock: No, now!

Watson: No, in the morning.

Sherlock: Look, Watson, we took the case. When you take a case, you have to be willing to stay up till morning and not have breakfast until dinner time!

Watson: OK, I'll be over in half an hour...

Watson puts the phone down and puts a coat over his pyjamas. We see him walking into Sherlock's flat to see Sherlock asleep in an armchair, Mrs. Hudson in the kitchen making tea and Lestrade and some over policemen are searching the flat.

Watson: What are you doing in here?

Lestrade: Searching the flat. Someone filed a complaint saying that Sherlock's been storing illegal drugs in his flat. But he's pretending to be asleep so we can't question him.

Watson: But Mrs. Hudson only lives downstairs. Wouldn't she notice if Sherlock carried drugs in bags up the stairs?

Lestrade: I appreciate your concern for your friend, but we still need to do a proper investigation.

Watson shakes Sherlock.

Watson: Sherlock?

Sherlock continues to sleep.

Watson: SHERLOCK!!!

Sherlock opens his eyes and jumps up.

Sherlock: GERMAN RICE!

Watson: I beg your pardon?

Sherlock: Sorry. Lestrade what are you doing here?

Watson: Drug search.

Sherlock: I've never drunk in my life. I also don't smoke!

Lestrade: Still, we need to search this place!

Sherlock: Lestrade; my dear Lestrade, I know a lot about you. Twelve years ago, I saw you get married. Three years later, hang on, are you still in touch with Harriet?

Lestrade: Yes.

Sherlock: Anyway, three years later, I saved Harriet's life. A week later, you divorced. Two years ago...

Lestrade: Sherlock, I don't want your new friend to know everything about me!

Sherlock: Of course he would! Anyway, the point is, you would know me well enough to...

Watson: Wait, shouldn't we be looking for clues? You know, like Scooby Doo and all that?

Sherlock: Good idea, Watson! So, DON'T on the back of his hand? What does that mean?

One of the policemen puts his hand up.

Sherlock: Yes?

The policeman puts his hand down

Policeman: Maybe the Baker Street Irregulars will know.

Sherlock looks at the policeman.

Sherlock: The Baker Street Irregulars are secret. You shouldn't know about them.

Policeman: Yes, but...

Sherlock: GET OUT!

Lestrade: But...

Sherlock whips a gun out of his back pocket and shoots at the window. He then pushes Lestrade and the other policemen out. Mrs. Hudson comes in from the kitchen.

Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock Holmes, I will not tolerate this! Extra rent this month!

Sherlock: AAARGH!

Sherlock shoots a bullet at a carton of milk left on the kitchen table. The carton explodes and the milk spills over the table.

Mrs. Hudson: All the things I do for you...

Mrs. Hudson leaves. Sherlock gets out a laptop and logs on.

Watson: Seriously?

Sherlock: [sighs] Yes. Anyway, the Baker Street Irregulars.

Sherlock begins to type.

Watson: Who are they?

Sherlock: The Baker Street Irregulars are a group of fans in Europe, they have super hacking skills and a GPS device like no other!

Watson: I thought you were just known in Europe.

Sherlock: No, I've got contacts in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, I was once offered a job in America, 20 thousand a year!

Watson: Why didn't you take it?

Sherlock: I prefer London to New York.

Watson: OK...

Sherlock: Yes! I've got in!

We see there is a man around Watson's age which we can view from Sherlock's laptop.

Sherlock: Hello, Billy! How's the diet?

Man: I'm not Billy, I'm Phil.

Sherlock: I'm currently investigating a case and I saw someone with "DON'T" written on the their hand.

Phil: So it's a code. Let me just hack into the CIA to see if they have the answer.

Phil is seen typing.

Watson: What? CIA?

Sherlock: Yes. I've hacked into them several times.

Watson: But you told Lestrade you knew what it meant.

Sherlock: I told a lie. Anyway, be quiet, we're working!

Phil: I've got it! The CIA had the address of a secret company which published four newspapers, only given out to a few people, once a year, on the 2nd of December.

Sherlock: Might I ask, do the papers include pills, and do the number of people who read them decrease each year?

Phil: I can't answer those questions, I'm afraid. But I can say the newspapers are: "Daily Herald, Observer of Cardiff, Norfolk Gazette and Town Spotter".

Sherlock jumps up.

Sherlock: AMAZING! DON'T! It's a signal! But who wrote it?

Watson: Maybe Max himself.

Sherlock: No. Max was left handed. It would be impossible to be left handed and write it on his left hand.

Phil: Wait a moment, I just got an email from Paris. Billy says that he's located some dangerous pills at the back of a taxi near you. Go now.

Sherlock: OK. Bye then, Phil.

Sherlock turns off his laptop and runs outside, with Watson after him. Outside, there is a traffic light that shines green. There a lot of cars rushing up and down. Sherlock sees a taxi and runs after it, even though it's not safe. Watson looks up at the traffic light. Sherlock continues to chase the taxi, while the traffic light turns red and Watson crosses the road. Sherlock jumps onto the back of the taxi, while Watson gets on a bus.

More to be added soon!